How to gain weight at home?


Weight gain is an increase in body weight/mass. It involves an increase in either muscle mass or fat deposits, fluids like water, or other factors. Weight gain can also be a sign of serious medical problems.  Weight gain occurs when there is more energy or calorie consumption than a normal routine. Weight gain can be a problem and a benefit as well for all those who want to do normal physiological processes and exercises. If enough weight is gained, one may become obese or overweight. This obesity or weight gain is usually defines as having more body fait which is adipose tissue in comparison to the normal body fat. This fat in the normal range is good for health but becomes dangerous and harmful if exceeds a certain limit and causes health issues like high cholesterol leads to more vulnerability of heart attacks and high blood pressure. The Body Mass Index (BMI) measures weight w.r.t. height and age.

There are some people who are underweight. Being underweight is also dangerous for health and it also leads to serious health issues just like obesity and weight gain does.

Youngsters are a lot confused- You Know Why? Because they are neither here nor there- meaning they do like slim physique but on the other hand want to gain some weight as well so that the nice branded clothes fit them nicely and lift their appearances. The problem would not be solved until something is done rather than just sitting around thinking & dreaming.

There is some exciting news about this. There are so many easy ways for men and women to gain weight naturally at home and that too without any fuss and trouble!

Below are the tips you can follow and guide yourself to be the best figure but first of all let’s learn about the causes of not gaining weight.

Reasons for not gaining weight.

Hereditary plays an important role in deciding how your body weight is distributed. Consultation with a doctor to rule out hormonal imbalances is important. There is a possibility of nutritional deficiency preventing weight gain. Exams stress, environmental stress and emotional or even physical stresses also play an important and very harmful role in ruining your health and body. Stressful working hours, financial issues keeping you hungry for a lot of time. It is better investing some time in medication to avoid these situations and then taking steps for the betterment of health and body.

Now let us see the tips of gaining weight.

  • Exercises
  • Supplements
  • Diet plans
  • Whole grain foods
  • Sleeping habits


Some exercises are done along with a proper diet that helps you gain weight. Exercises increases your metabolism and when you eat a healthy diet, it is distributed equally throughout the body and you see fruitful results within the short time.


Loaded with proteins, which also help your muscles grow, the weight gainer supplements are one of the best options which are totally natural. These supplements also have lots of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients which help your cause.

To quicken the process of weight gain, you can easily add a seasonal fruit like a banana or strawberries to the weight gain supplement and create a tasty, delicious weight gaining shake which you can sip slowly and throughout the day for effectively nurturing your body. These shakes pack high calories, which are beneficial for putting on weight.

For best results, always pair these shakes with weight lifting or other strenuous exercises.

Diet Plans:

Stick to these points to gain weight:

  • Start with small goals like getting ready to stick to the plan.
  • Make a schedule for starting exercises like yoga, and then on to weight lifting etc.
  • Take enough proteins to feed your muscles while you enjoy weight lifting. Whey protein serves best which is natural and our body accepts it gleefully.
  • Eat a mix of dates, figs and dried raisins 3-4 times a day. Chew them finely before swallowing.
  • Add almonds to the above mix after a few days.
  • Start eating Ghee and sugar or white butter and sugar daily for quick weight gain.
  • Eat seasonal fruits daily like mango or banana.

Whole grain foods:

  • Keep away from processed foods like Maida, coke and pasta. Reach for whole wheat flour so that you gain healthy weight and NOT get fat. Simply putting on weight will make you look ugly and all your hard work will go down the drain.
  • Include eggs, soy products, milk products like cheese, butter, nuts like almonds, walnut, cashew nuts and meat products. These all are good for your body and help in weight gain.
  • Hydrate your body with enough plain water so that not only you drain toxins out of your body, you also help build muscles which provide the perfect shape.

Sleeping habits:

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Nature has created nights for some reason. Switch off all your electronic gadgets and ensure you have a full 8-9 hours of sleep which is totally healthy. Sleep recharges your batteries, help in digestion, metabolism and you get up refreshed the next day.

The process of gaining weight naturally begins at home. Exercises at home, natural ways to gaining weight by diet and supplements is also very effective. Carefully recruiting your daily plan, eating wholesome food products, joined with exercise and within a few weeks you will see the promising results to appear.

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